Commercial Cleaning Services

Welcome to All Services Global, one of the premier facility management companies in Mumbai, India.




Our services include carrying out various types of hard floor treatments and maintenance:

  1. Wood Floors – Sanding, Sealing, Re-Sealing.
  2. Concrete Floors – Cleaning & Sealing or Re-Sealing.
  3. Resilient Floors – Scrub Strip, Re-Polish and/or Re-Seal.

Regular Maintenance:

  1. Dust Mop or Vacuum
  2. Damp Mopping
  3. Spray Burnishing


It is very important to ensure that the kitchen is kept to the highest standards, minimising any health risk.

The ASG can provide full deep clean to your kitchen or clean single items of equipment if required:

  1. Extraction Systems (Canopies, Filters, Ducting)
  2. Ancillary Equipment (Tables, Fridges, Freezers, Racks, Sinks)
  3. Cooking Equipment (Ovens, Ranges, Grills, Cookers, Fryers, etc.)
  4. Serving Areas

Benefits of our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services:

Our cleaning services conform to the requirements of the Food Safety.



With increasing expectation of high standards of hygiene and sanitation, it is essential for any business to ensure their washrooms are kept to the highest standards. Using anti-bacterial cleaning products and state of art cleaning machines, ASG will have your washrooms looking and smelling fresh in no time.



Mechanised Cleaning

Our mechanised cleaning process is designed for efficient and hygienic cleaning. The powerful vacuum removes debris and moisture to leave surfaces dry, clean and sanitised, so that you are protected from dangerous germs and bacteria. We do high quality cleaning and wet vacuuming for removing stains, chewing gum, bacteria and mould.


Green Cleaning

Assuring you a clean, attractive, healthy work environment, we provide you cleaning solutions that are not only healthy, but good for the environment too. Green cleaning is effective cleaning which protects health without harming the environment. Our pursuit is to help you experience facilities that are Guaranteed Clean.


Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial cleaning services are designed to offer companies a wide range of services to ensure that all its industrial cleaning needs are met. We offer cleaning services that are customized for each companies needs. Whatever the size of the cleaning requirements, we can cater for your ever changing needs.

We manage the cleaning process from end to end, from the initial clean to end waste disposal. This gives our clients the peace of mind to know that we will manage the complete process, with a professional and a high quality approach.

We provide comprehensive lighting solutions across various application areas. Appropriate lighting results in reduced cost and greatly impacts the way people feel about their offices. In Modern offices the concept of simple functional lighting has given way to a more innovative and creative lighting approach. Entrust your lighting and lighting maintenance services to ASG and experience the difference.

Scope of Work

Beyond the conventional vacuuming & cleaning and wet scrubbing of floors, we are expanding our many years of experience in the cleaning sector into industry


Machines & Tools

Scrubber Drier, Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Telescopic
Poles (4m & 10m)
Cleaning Trolley with wringer



Floor Cleaners, Degreasers, Sanitizers, Glass Cleaners, Disinfectants